About & News

I am a JSPS PD postdoc researcher at the Suzumori-Endo Laboratory, and I work with Prof. Koichi Suzumori. Currently, I undertake one research grant by Grants-in-Aid from JSPS (1,700,000 JPY), serving as the PI (Principle Investigator). Look at my CV for more details.

My research sits at the interface between biology and engineering. I take inspirations from Biology and develop Soft Robots augmented with life-like intelligence and functionality such as active sensing, purposive morphing and autonomous grasping by exploring smart materials, structures and mechanisms. Check out some of my Projects and go through my Publications for a glimpse of my research.


2021-Apl-02 We have a paper titled as “xBalloon: Animated Objects with Balloon Plastic Actuator” accepted by ACM 12th Augmented Human International Conference 2021.

2021-Apl-01 I am officially joining Suzumori-Endo Lab in Tokyo Institute of Technology as a JSPS PD postdoc researcher working on Soft Robotics.

2021-Mar-24 I received my PhD degree in information science, and successfully graduate from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology with the Outstanding Performance Award.

2021-Mar-01 We have a paper titled as “BPActuators: Lightweight and low-cost soft actuators by balloons and plastics” accepted by IEEE RoboSoft 2021.

2021-Feb-10 I finished a full-day training on scanning electron microscope (SEM) (S-4500, Hitachi) in JAIST Center for Nano Materials and Technology. Many thanks to Mr. Notoya for the very detailed instructions.

2021-Jan-30 I finished a three-day hands-on training on nano fabrication in JAIST clean room with higher standard of cleanness than NASA, fabricating a nano scale gas sensor by suspending graphene. Many thanks to Dr. Liu for the very detailed instructions on spinning coating, baking, electron beam lithography, processing, and electron beam deposition.

2021-Jan-25 I have successfully defensed my PhD dissertation. Ready to go to next stage of life!